Last Exile


This anime is amazing. Stunning graphics and an amazing story line is what really makes this show. It’s not silly or goofy like a lot of anime, it’s very serious and realistic… considering the futuristic time line.
It’s set in a war torn world where two young teenagers are struggling to live. Claus and Lavie are childhood best friends who work together as vanship (kind-of like small planes) courier pilot and navigator. When they take on a high-risk mission they find themselves with an unlikely cargo, a young girl, to deliver in the middle of a battlefield in the sky. It’s easy to find the big problems with this war: namely the Guild, a third party fairy-like race that dictates the rules of the war, usually unfairly. Claus and Lavie deliver the cargo to the Kill-‘Em’All battle ship, Silvana, but in the end can’t bring themselves to leave the girl alone and end up staying on the ship.
This show has so many great aspects. The characters have great depth with amazing stories behind them that pretty much make you root for them. It’s also the fact that this is set in a war; in this way the progression of the characters is very different than what would be found in any other story. The characters have to face terrible decisions and events that force them to change how they think.


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