The Secret of Moonacre


So, I just finished watching this marvelous movie. When I saw the cover I thought it must be some sort of wannabe Narnia movie, you know, with the big lion and all that; but I was pleasantly surprised. Although this movie might be deemed more for teens, I didn’t have a problem at all with it. The movie is actually pretty dark and the cast is exemplary. It was a simple fantasy story of magic and belonging.

The plot is about Maria, a young Lady whose father had been murdered and who had gambled away the poor girl’s inheritance and home. The only thing she is left from him is a mysterious book about the history of place called Moonacre, her father’s childhood home. Maria gets sent to her estranged Uncle, a rude stand-offish man, whose home has more places that are restricted than allowed. Maria soon starts realizing that Moonacre holds a dark secret and soon she’s pulled into the strange war that has been raging for hundreds of years.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I felt sometimes that it seemed to jump from one thing to the other too quickly and without a complete explanation of events that were occurring like scenes were cut out. I looked on the internet and tried to see if there was an extended version, but with no luck. Other than that I thought the film was great. I’d suggest this movie to anyone who likes fantasy. The imagery, graphics and feel of the movie are all top notch level.


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