Absolute Boyfriend


Zettai Kareshi, or Absolute Boyfriend, is a Japanese comedy drama about a young woman who receives a lover robot, first of its kind, and has to deal with the comedic consequences and hilarious hi-jinks of having an android who is obsessed with her following her around.

The show can be happy, silly, comedic, sad, heart-wrenching and down-right goofy at times, but is surprisingly slow despite all those things. Despite having enjoyed it I didn’t like the ending which, as anyone knows, is a huge part of liking a show. It sort of ruined it for me a little bit. With that being said, it’s still a really heartfelt drama and a good watch if you want something a little different.

It has a lot of good life points to it: such as taking the leap for a dream, who we are as humans compared to something like an android and our selfish desire and close-minded mentality to believe we are the only sentient beings in the world (a sort of modern world is flat belief). Anyway, despite the beginning that moves pretty slow it was pretty fun, but I, personally, can’t get past the ending.

Also, this show also has a special that occurs after the end of the drama. So, if you watch the show look out for that as well.


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