Heart to Heart

This drama was fun, different and really set a new beat for dramas. The characters were deep and the emotions behind them were very real. The show really managed to express the world of someone with severe social phobia, as well as the deep scars that form from a tragedy. It shows the rippling effect of an event and how it can affect different people. Despite all of this the drama was fun; it had great moments of comedy, humor and romance. It also showed a different side of life with characters that weren’t perfect and had problems they needed to deal with or overcome.

Cha Hong Do has severe social phobia. Hiding inside of her house and even growing much of her own food to limit how much she has to go out, she would do anything to avoid people. Even more so, whenever she is faced with someone her face becomes beet red, only increasing her embarrassment. Despite this, Cha Hong Do is very smart. She uses this to create a persona; to be able to work she uses make-up art and dresses up as an old woman. Her skill is flawless and as an old woman she can express herself more. That is until she meets Ko Yi Suk, an intense and somewhat harsh psychiatrist. Together, they try to conquer her social phobia so that she can step into the world again, but the reality may be harder then it seems. Along for the ride in the story is Cha Hong Do’s secret crush, a young handsome cop, Jang Doo Soo. And Ko Yi Suk’s wannabe actress sister, Ko Se Ra.

I really loved this drama. I know for some commenters they didn’t have a very clear understanding of the psychology behind the show and so they felt that there was abuse or some such going on. This drama is about flawed people who have deep scars that have created different forms of mental disorders in these individuals. It’s about understanding and strength; it’s about the power of connection that can heal the mind.

I’m a Cyborg, but that’s ok


Wow, okay, so this movie is unlike anything I’ve really ever seen. It’s “One Fly over the Cuckoo’s Nest” mixed with “Sucker Punch”. It’s an off-the-wall experience that shows love through the eyes of those suffering from mental disorders, Schizophrenia in this case. Instead of showing it from an outside point of view the movie is shown purely from the perspective of the main characters and how they view the world.

The story is about a young woman who believes she is a cyborg; her family puts her in an institution after she tries to kill herself, although that’s probably not how the woman viewed it. Once there she meets a handsome young man who likes to steal, because he feels if he doesn’t he may disappear from the world. He decides to make it his mission to help her and love blooms.

For me, this movie is a great example of showing how people still experience emotions like love even if they suffer from a mental illness. I think a lot of the time people look at those with mental disorders, especially the big ones, as being separate from the rest of the world. The reality is that while their minds may have betrayed them they are still capable of falling in love and other complicated emotions, maybe even more so. It’s a movie that I would suggest watching with no other distractions because it has the capability of bringing the audience into a whole other world.