Heart to Heart

This drama was fun, different and really set a new beat for dramas. The characters were deep and the emotions behind them were very real. The show really managed to express the world of someone with severe social phobia, as well as the deep scars that form from a tragedy. It shows the rippling effect of an event and how it can affect different people. Despite all of this the drama was fun; it had great moments of comedy, humor and romance. It also showed a different side of life with characters that weren’t perfect and had problems they needed to deal with or overcome.

Cha Hong Do has severe social phobia. Hiding inside of her house and even growing much of her own food to limit how much she has to go out, she would do anything to avoid people. Even more so, whenever she is faced with someone her face becomes beet red, only increasing her embarrassment. Despite this, Cha Hong Do is very smart. She uses this to create a persona; to be able to work she uses make-up art and dresses up as an old woman. Her skill is flawless and as an old woman she can express herself more. That is until she meets Ko Yi Suk, an intense and somewhat harsh psychiatrist. Together, they try to conquer her social phobia so that she can step into the world again, but the reality may be harder then it seems. Along for the ride in the story is Cha Hong Do’s secret crush, a young handsome cop, Jang Doo Soo. And Ko Yi Suk’s wannabe actress sister, Ko Se Ra.

I really loved this drama. I know for some commenters they didn’t have a very clear understanding of the psychology behind the show and so they felt that there was abuse or some such going on. This drama is about flawed people who have deep scars that have created different forms of mental disorders in these individuals. It’s about understanding and strength; it’s about the power of connection that can heal the mind.

The Mummy Returns


So, now we have the second installment of the Mummy. I like the second one a lot, perhaps not as much as the first, but they’re really about equal in my book. Not many movies have successful sequels, but I think, at least in the case of Mummy Returns, they did a smash-up job. The animation could have been better in some parts, but all-in-all pretty darn good.

This sequel is set 9 years after the first movie. Evy has been having strange dreams that lead her to an exhibition where she discovers the Scorpion King’s Bracelet. Mayhem ensues as a mysterious group comes after them. It’s no secret, just from looking at the cover, that the Mummy, Imhotep, returns in this sequel.

As well as the return of old favorite characters, we also have Rick and Evy’s son. It’s hard to find kids who can seriously act and except for a few moments, I think the kid in this did very well. He had an appropriate amount of spunk and personality, so I think it was a win.

The only part that I didn’t like was the very end with the Scorpion King. Unfortunately, the graphics for the big baddie left the end feeling a little lacking.

Besides that the movie had the same feel as the first with similar lines that will stand the test of time:

Ardeth Bay: [to Alex] By putting this on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.

[Alex gasps]

Rick: [to Ardeth] You, lighten up.

[to Alex]

Rick: You, big trouble.

[to Jonathan]

Rick: You, get in the car.”

Taken from Imdb.com

I’m afraid by no means will I watch the third movie. I just can’t get through it.