Mockingjay Part Two


So, this film is very turbulent. The war has gotten serious and the lines on both sides have been crossed. I think this film was still a great ending to the saga, not only because they stayed true to the book, but because they did a great job on balancing everything. I know that the ending seems odd to some, but that’s how it was done in the book. If you don’t understand the reasoning behind it then I’d suggest reading Mockingjay which perhaps better expressed it.
The fourth film finds Katniss in emotional turmoil. She tried so hard to get Peeta back, but he’s been brainwashed and tortured by the Capital until he barely resembles the man she knew. She’s struggling to continue to be the face of the Rebellion realizing now how much strength Peeta had given her all this time. The war’s atrocities continue to rise and Katniss begins questioning what lines should be crossed, but she’s helpless to stop anything as she realizes that she’s just a pawn. The Girl on Fire has to decide whether to stay and do what she’s told or follow her instincts and do what she believes is right.
The sheer scale of this film is amazing and the tone is so different compared to the first two films. Which, in my opinion, was necessary; it wasn’t a game anymore. The sheer level of war is terrifying and I think the director showed that. War has different aspects: the planning and discussions over a table in safety, the hurry up and wait moments and the battles where things are messy and plans are tossed out the window. It’s also in the moments when the characters have to just forgive and let go of things that happened in the heat of battle because they can’t do anything else. One mistake could turn the tables on the war and staying alive was like nothing they saw in the games, because there was seemingly no end.



Mockingjay Part One


I already know that a lot of people did not like part one at all. It was too boring and too slow… so many things like that. I have to whole-heartedly disagree though. If you’re looking for a series that’s all about the action and main stream entertainment then you are looking at the wrong group of movies. From the very beginning Hunger Games has been about more than just action and a strong female lead. It has a very strong moral point to it; it’s about people and what they do to each other, how they are affected by war, and how people can change into either heroes or monsters.
Part One of Mockingjay finds Katniss in the mysterious District 13 where she finds the heart of the rebellion. Peeta, along with two other Victors, have been taken by the Capital. Katniss decides to be become the face of the Rebellion after finding out her home has been destroyed with only one main demand: the Rebellion must make an attempt to rescue Peeta and the other victors.
I know that this movie moves very slowly, but I think it was necessary. If the two film had been put together a lot of the little nuances would have been lost and it would have become way too convoluted. I think it was important that this film addressed the changing world and the part that Katniss was going to have to play in this war. Without the subtleties of motion and pacing that they used in this film I think the emotional and moral point of the story would have been lost in a whirlwind of activity. And I know I’ve said this a lot, but it’s the emotional turbulence through the eyes of Katniss that readers loved; it was through her eyes that they got to see the Capital and their atrocities. Also this film really needed to address the different facets of the building war so that people could understand everything that was going on. One film wouldn’t have been able to do all that.

Catching Fire


Catching Fire is by far my favorite out of the quartet of movies; it’s the only time when the girly part of me goes ga-ga over the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. As a fan of the books I really like how the director was able to recreate the story in such an exciting and wonderful way. I remember that the second book seemed so intermediate (no pun intended) compared to the others, but in the movies it’s by the far the best. It has the best of the first and last films all put together in a nice, neat 2 plus hour package.
In this film, it’s a year after the Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta have somewhat returned to their old lives and are both attempting to forget the painful memories of what happened; Katniss more than Peeta. Now the time has come for them to return to the Capital as Victors and to be paraded around the Districts as examples of how ‘great’ the Capital is, how ‘wonderful’ their mercy. But things aren’t as happy as they may seem: rebellions are breaking out across the districts and President Snow’s patience is wearing thin with the ‘Girl on Fire’ whose acts during the Hunger Games have thrown the world into a frenzy. As the 75th Quarter Quell grows closer, Snow calls for the unthinkable: this year’s Hunger Games contestants will be drawn from the existing pool of Victors.
It’s hard not to go on and on about the story, because it is just so tantalizing. There have been great stories in the past, but not as many that draw in the reader with a feeling of anguish, indignation and fiery injustice. The stories by Suzanne Collins aren’t just about some upstart heroine fighting against a big baddie; it’s about people and what they can do to each other. Catching Fire demonstrates this as the audience gets to see the aftermath of the Hunger Games and how the tributes are affected (PTSD for one).

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games

So, this film is one of my favorite fantasy films and I think most people would agree with me. Yes, it’s main stream, but at the same time the story is daring and harsh. I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence in this and I think it was really well directed and produced. It’s also one of the few movies based on books that had the author so involved in the process which kept it true to the original story and feel.
The story is about Katniss Everdeen, a young woman, who lives in a future post-apocalyptic world where the bulk of the civilization is separated into ‘Districts’. The Capital of Panem regulates these Districts and keeps them in check by hosting a competition called the Hunger Games where two young adults (12 to 18 year olds) are chosen from each district to fight to the death. Katniss volunteers in place of her younger sister along with another young man, Peeta.
While this movie is awesome, I have even a greater respect for it after watching the behind the scenes. It was great to see how much the book meant to the director, producers, actors and others involved in the film, because they tried so hard to keep true to it. I personally think they did great on all accounts. The production team gave a great homage to the original, but also created their own cinematic masterpiece. Everything was thought through in amazing detail from the costume and set design, the stylistic use of the cameras and the balance of CGI, stuntmen and the actual realistic usage of the actors and the surroundings.

Love Rain

This Korean Drama was such a fun watch. The first time I saw Jang Keung-suk I wasn’t impressed by the major Flower Boy. Seriously, though, it’s almost a crime how handsomely pretty he is. The more dramas I saw him in though I became more impressed by his acting ability. He usually plays the arrogant Flower Boy, but even though the roles are similar they manage to be distinctive with great depth.
Love Rain is an interesting story. It starts out in the 70s when a quiet art student, Seo In-Ha, falls in love with a young woman, Kim Yoon-Hee, he sees outside the window, but things don’t go smoothly. His best friend starts vying for her attention as well and the reserved man finds himself watching his best friend wooing the woman he’s in love with. She eventually disappears in the midst of this leaving both men with broken hearts. The story skips to 30 years later. Jung Ha-Na (Yoon-Hee’s daughter) is a botanical major studying in Japan where she meets Seo Joon, In-Ha’s son. They are both oblivious to their parent’s subsequent history, but somehow yet find themselves connected. The question is will their story be as ill-fated as their parents?
I really enjoyed this story. Many parts of it are melancholy and sad, but the relationship with Ha-Na and Joon have some of the most happy moments I’ve seen in a show. The drama in this is kept to a reasonable and tolerable level. It really kept me smiling and I really enjoyed the main characters and the stories behind them.



dt 1This Korean movie was really heartfelt and warm. The plot was… interesting. I can’t really say it was a clichéd plot, but by the end everything was pretty obvious and set out. I really enjoyed the characters and they really made it feel as if the protagonists were sometimes the only two people in the world.
The movie is about an ex-boxer who is living a benign and hidden life. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s holding the world on his shoulders even as he’s hiding from it. At one of his jobs he meets a beautiful, blind woman. Despite her disability she shines brightly and the man is immediately taken by her. The entire movie is about how much two people can help one another in their darkest times and the true meaning of love and devotion.
It may sound a bit cheesy, but the characters were very real. The story was sometimes was so bright and at other times so startlingly sad and bleak. All in all it was an enjoyable watch. One of those movies that makes me want to be a better person.



You can’t get much better than the satirical genius of Mel Brooks. Despite the obvious comedy and goofiness the film holds a level of cinema that’s seen only in a classic film. For those who aren’t familiar with Brooks he’s a forefront leader in comedic satires; the reason is that he doesn’t abandon the things that make film great just for the sake of a good joke. The actors, dialogue, story and film sets are of a high caliber that allows the audience to thoroughly enjoy his films.
Spaceballs is an obvious spoof of Star Wars and other popular space adventures of the 80s and before. In the film the enemy world of Spaceballs is running out of fresh air and so they plan to steal it from their neighboring planet of Vespa. Dark Helmet plans to steal their Princess to ransom her for the air. The King of Vespa desperate to get his daughter back asks Captain Lone Star for help.
Obviously the plot is quite silly, but it’s done with class. It’s a movie that’s still thoroughly enjoyable to watch without chronic eye-rolling. The actors are good enough that despite even some of the scenes that could level on ridiculous they bring it back strong with great acting. Those scenes go from ridiculous to some of the most repeatable dialogue scenes in geek conversations.