The Walking Dead

walking dead

This post-apocalyptic show is one of my favorite. The dynamic of this show is phenomenal and it would have never been a success had it not been for the great characters and their in depth story-lines. This show may be too violent for some, but it isn’t without a reason. One of the most potent and interesting reasons behind this show is the psychological undertone to it: how would people react to a world where they have to kill other human beings (living or not) and sometimes when its people they know and love.
Walking Dead is based on a group of survivors of a world flooded with zombies, obviously. It centers around one man in particular, Rick Grimes. He was a sheriff who had been shot, previous to the world going to crap, and had been in a coma, abandoned in a hospital. When he wakes up everyone around him is dead, but not all of them stay that way. He soon discovers the “Walkers”, dead people who rise with a craving for flesh. Rick goes in search for his family and discovers a group of survivors. The show is based around their journey as they discover threats un-dead and even some of the living kind.
The show, while being about the undead, is very emotional. The journey the characters have to take to survive in this world is amazing. I’ve recently been re-watching it and I’m so surprised to see how far the characters have come. I knew that they had changed over the course of the show, but I had forgotten how much. One of the things I’ll point out about this show is how it draws people in. I watch this with my husband and we have had long and deep conversations about the show before and where it’s headed. The Walking Dead pulled us in and got us involved and every week we have to see what happens.
If I gave stars for my reviews I’d give Five Stars, because it’s awesome.


Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing


MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Do not read if you don’t want Last Exile ruined for you.

So this sequel to the first hit anime is an interesting change. Many things about it are the same (imagery, graphics, tone), but other things have changed (dynamic, intensity, pace). I struggle with whether I think it is better or not; the fast pacing certainly serves it well, but the convoluted story line left me in utter confusion most of the time and grasping for how everything fit together.
This may be counted as a spoiler, but it could also save you a lot of confusion in the long run if I explain the plot in this way. This show was set four years after the first (there’s a manga that spans that course with the characters from the first) in the original home world of Earth; apparently the world Claus and Lavie were on was somewhere the Exile had taken them to escape from the environmental destruction that was occurring hundreds of years before. A lot of them have returned on the Exile only to find themselves in another war zone. They are not, however, part of the main story. Sorry.
The main characters of this story are Fam, a young Sky Pirate girl, and the exiled princess, Millia, whose home land has been destroyed. The story is set during a troubled time when the original people (those that didn’t leave on the Exiles) are angry at those who have returned on the Exiles over the last couple hundred years. They feel that these groups of people have no right to the lands that they have usurped on their arrival back.
Most of the main characters are young girls which is probably my only complaint. I like them, I do, but their naivety and innocence is frustrating with the much more high-stake intense war that is going on. They are very cool people, but unlike Claus and the other characters in the first they don’t have as much of a growth.
The ending is very intense, by the way. In fact I could scarcely watch it, because it was just so morbidly stressful. Just one thing after another kept happening where it just felt like a whirlwind of information, plot realizations and wrap-ups and just constant death, to be frank. I felt the tempo of the story was off and the main characters, while interesting and enjoyable, were not the heroes I was expecting and left everything a bit hampered and unrealistic.

Last Exile


This anime is amazing. Stunning graphics and an amazing story line is what really makes this show. It’s not silly or goofy like a lot of anime, it’s very serious and realistic… considering the futuristic time line.
It’s set in a war torn world where two young teenagers are struggling to live. Claus and Lavie are childhood best friends who work together as vanship (kind-of like small planes) courier pilot and navigator. When they take on a high-risk mission they find themselves with an unlikely cargo, a young girl, to deliver in the middle of a battlefield in the sky. It’s easy to find the big problems with this war: namely the Guild, a third party fairy-like race that dictates the rules of the war, usually unfairly. Claus and Lavie deliver the cargo to the Kill-‘Em’All battle ship, Silvana, but in the end can’t bring themselves to leave the girl alone and end up staying on the ship.
This show has so many great aspects. The characters have great depth with amazing stories behind them that pretty much make you root for them. It’s also the fact that this is set in a war; in this way the progression of the characters is very different than what would be found in any other story. The characters have to face terrible decisions and events that force them to change how they think.

Kamisama Kiss


This anime was pretty cute, but obviously ended before it’s time was through. It has four OAV’s which I haven’t been able to see yet, but from the descriptions are more like side stories rather than a concrete continuation of the story. It’s always sad when that happens; that feeling of not being finished and the story line is set loose like a rampant kite.
Kamisama Kiss is about a young girl who is homeless. Her father, a gambler, has run off to escape from his debt and her home has been seized. As she ponders her current predicament she meets a strange man; upon having a conversation with her he offers her his home and kisses her on the forehead then disappears. As it turns out, his home is a shrine and he has just labeled her as the new God of the Land. His familiar, a demon fox-man, is not too pleased to have to serve a human girl.
The plot is just fun with enjoyable characters. I still really don’t like that the plot is just left hanging, but I suppose they did a fairly good job of leaving it on a happy note.

Reign of Fire


So, this movie is one of my favorite post-apocalyptic films. It’s very well-done with a direct and easily understandable plot. It has top notch actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler. While it may be true that popular actors don’t always make a movie, this film would have been lost without the amazing acting from these guys, especially Christian Bale; who, in anyone can agree, is a distinguished and dedicated actor.
Reign of Fire is set in the year 2020. Years before in London underground construction workers unearthed a terrible menace: Dragons. These creatures terrorized the world until eventually the world was left in ruins; not only because of them but because of the foolish methods used by the humans to try and defeat them. Quinn is a leader of a small group of refugees, trying desperately to keep his people alive, when he is met with a group of American soldiers who claim they know how to kill the dragons once and for all.
I don’t have too many complaints about this film. The graphics are spot-on, the characters are interesting and the film has a perfect pace. My only issue I saw at all with the movie was the last scene with McConaughey. I won’t say what happened, but if you watch the film it’s only the part that borders melodramatic and even silly.




So, this show just aired last year and the second season has yet to begin, but I am, thus far, completely rooting for this show. I don’t know if it’s because I share a similar personality with the main character or because this show has some of my favorite things: murder mystery, fringe science, geek references and a strong and interesting cast. Since I saw the preview for it I knew it was going to be good and I’m so glad that it was even better.

Stitchers is about Kirsten, a young woman suffering from Temporal Displasia, who is approached by a woman from a secret sub-government organization called the Stitchers Program. Kirsten, along with her team of scientists, in a very fringe science way, ‘stitches’ her consciousness into a recently deceased memories so that her team can discover the important secrets (such as their murderer) that only the dead saw.

It might seem a long shot, but they keep it simple and scientific, so that, irregardless of the impossibilities, it is still plausible. The cast is absolutely wonderful with strong backgrounds. I had so much fun with this show and I was so absolutely thrilled when it wasn’t cancelled; I had heard that ABCFamily has a tendency to prematurely cancel shows. I can’t wait for season 2. My only warning is that the first episode is a little off, but I think it’s more because the actors were still getting used to their characters. By the second episode any awkwardness with dialogue or scenes was gone.

The Master’s Sun


So, it seems I’m completely failing in adding some variety to this blog list; this is my third or fourth Korean drama in a row now? But despite all of that, this show is definitely a push in the right direction. Thus far I’ve watched the same modern romance stories, but this had me cringing in fear and laughing out loud all at the same time. Yes, I said ‘fear’.

The Master’s Sun is a brilliant horror/ghost/paranormal/romance all wrapped up with the bow on top of the perfect ensemble of actors. This drama starts out with Tae Gong-shil, a woman haunted by ghosts, who is so exhausted that she nearly looks like she’s dead herself, because of the constant harassment by the lost souls. Joo Joong-won is the president of a famous mall company who is obsessed with making money, but carries a dark and tragic event in his past that haunts him constantly. The two meet on a dark and rainy night when Joong-won reluctantly picks Gong-shil up as she’s stranded on the side of the road.

Honestly, that’s all I want to tell you, because the best part of a drama like this is the mystery that involves them. I have to say that although I was jumping out of my seat on occasions (the ghosts were sometimes quite scary) that I felt the show was really well-done. I loved the actors in this and the story was not only fleshed out, but it stayed interesting. It had a lot of great (albeit sad) stories per episodes and a constantly evolving plot.